Weekly Update (4/4)

Hey guys, I’m [yet again] back with another update on the screenplay. I’ve started working on it, but have encountered some issues regarding the screenplay. First off, one of my issues relates to world building. Now this isn’t to say that this story takes place on a foreign planet since it doesn’t. What I mean when I say world-building is the world of the character, and with regards to the main character, Simon, I’m having trouble writing the commune that he’s a part of. The reason being is that there are MANY kinds of communes, and I’m having trouble deciding whether I want to create a commune that has elements of many others, or is based on one particular commune. I think that the former wouldn’t be too difficult, as many communes promote the ideas of gender equality, love for the community, and a nearly impossible goal. However due to the fact that many communes communicate the same ideas, where things get difficult is that the communication of these ideas differs across the board. This is one reason why I think it would be best to focus on particular community, and draw inspiration from that, rather than having to pick and choose from a smorgasbord of ideas and practices. I’ll be thinking about this issue more in the coming weeks as I continue to write, and once I’ve figured it out, I’ll be sure to go back and revise what I’ve written. As for the physical layout of the city, I envision it being very similar to the sketch of Christianopolis, a Christian utopia imagined by Johannes Valentinus Andreae, a German theologist.

Image result for christianopolis
A sketch of Johannes Valentinus Andreae’s Christianopolis

Ultimately, I hope to emphasize the division between the commune and the outside world, in an effort to make it seem like Kallipolis is free from distractions and enjoys religious freedom. As for the leader of Kallipolis, a man named Jonathan Perkins, I intend to draw heavily upon the leader of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, the Reverend Jim Jones (pictured below).

Image result for rev jim jones

I hope to make Perkins seem as charismatic as Jones, in an effort to make the idea of people leaving their daily lives to follow a single man’s dream seem believable. Otherwise, the idea of a religious commune out in the middle of the woods just doesn’t seem believable, and the premise of this work falls apart.

That’s all for now, I look forward to once again updating you next week.


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