Finishing Up and Moving on (2/28)

Hello again guys,

With one day left until Spring Break, I wanted to take this time to once again update you all regarding this past week. On Wednesday, I met with Professor Martha Gregory to go over audio in He’s Here. While production on HH is finished, it’s an expectation of the faculty in the department that everyone continues to refine their theses up until the Film department film festival in late April. Additionally, Kaylin and I hope to maybe submit the short to a few festivals, but I need to make sure I finish refining the film sometime tomorrow. While you’re at it, take a second to check out the website for the film, and see many of the (

Check out the website! (Link above)

As for post HH projects, there are a few options. Earlier last week I mentioned exploring a project of mine for a film genre class I took last semester. I’m inclined to work on a screenplay for the pilot episode, but I’ll be thinking more about it over break. Secondly, Kaylin has come up with the idea of doing a Kenyon specific version of the reality TV show, The Bachelor. I’ll most likely be operating one of the cameras, and it seems like there would be an episode released each week. We’re still ironing out some of the logistics, but I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Casting call for the Kenyon Bachelor

Other than that, I’ll be continuing studying for the film senior comprehensive exams which take place in April. It’ll be a lot of time, but I’m excited to demonstrate the knowledge I’ve gained during my time in the department.


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