Now for… (2/21)

Hey all,

While work on He’s Here is coming to an end, I’ll still be working on refining it up until the final screening in late April (4/21, for those who are interested in attending). This coming Monday, I’ll be meeting with Martha Gregory on Monday to go over audio, in an attempt to better improve the audio.

In other news, having officially passed all deadlines for the senior thesis project, it’s now time to come up with another project to work on the rest of the semester. I’ll have more to share a week from now as that’s when I’m supposed to pitch a few ideas in an attempt to have another project under my belt. Over the course of the next week, I’ll be watching shows to find visual inspirations on what the next project should look like. Alternatively, I may work on writing a screenplay for my final project in Science Fiction Film last semester, a project which is called Duplicate. The longline is as follows: When one of her sons dies in an accident, a mother is given the opportunity to replace him with a clone. To go into further detail, Duplicate is about Mary, a single mother of identical twins, suffers serious trauma after one of her sons is killed in an accident. During her grieving period, Mary, sees an ad in the paper for a company that has the ability to clone a loved one even if they’re deceased. Mary clones her deceased son despite knowing that there are strict anti-cloning laws. Not wanting the neighborhood and government to know of her crime, Mary forces Marcus and Cody to live Cody’s life.

I think there’s a lot that could be done with this, but I’ll be brainstorming some more.

Character Breakdown for Mary, the main character.
Character Breakdown for Cody, the son of Mary and pseudo-brother to Marcus (clone)


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