Rough Cut #2 (1/25)

Hey all,

First off, I hope you all have had a great 2019 so far. I know I’m excited to see what this year has in store. One of these things is that He’s Here is in the middle of post production. This afternoon, I’ll be presenting the second rough cut of He’s Here, and I’m excited to show my class how the film has changed after they saw the first rough cut during last week’s class. When I was working on the current cut, I tried to incorporate some of the feedback the class had to offer. One of the biggest questions was: “Whose story is it?” During the pre-production and even production periods, I had always considered the story to be Will’s. However, after showing the class the first rough cut, they all seemed to agree that Lane was more intriguing as a character, due to the fact that she has the audacity to call her boyfriend for lying, and even goes so far to sneak into his room to find the truth. Additionally, the actress who plays Lane is incredibly convincing, and everyone found themselves focusing on Lane rather than on Will. As a result, this past week has been spent down in the editing lab clicking and dragging different clips around to support the idea that He’s Here is Lane’s story.

Other than that, I spent time looking for music to include in some of the scenes of this cut, as it can tie a scene together. When compared to the first rough cut, which didn’t have any music or sounds effects, this cut makes a lot more sense despite only having 2 music clips.

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