Another week!

Hey guys,

I’m back with more news about He’s Here. This weekend is our last weekend shooting, which means that we’ll be getting all of the shots that we haven’t already gotten tomorrow, Saturday, and on Sunday. These scenes will include the fight between Young David and Young Will, who will be played by two local child actors, as well as the breakup scene between [older] Will and Lane. These two scenes are very important scenes, as the former sets up the rest of the story, while the latter serves as a plot device, which in turn sets up the final scene. Speaking of which, it dawned on me that I should include a few pictures from the shoot this past week. Before I do so, let me explain the last scene. The last scene of He’s Here is the final confrontation between a few people: Will and David, his deceased brother who still appears from time to time, Will and Lane, who have just recently broken up, and though the two are unable to see each other, David and Lane. With regards to the last conflict, both David and Lane represent different parts of Will’s life. David is a part of Will’s past, who keeps on appearing to haunt him, whereas Lane represents Will’s future, a future where he could go off to college and be a normal teen. When it comes to Lane and David, both Will’s past and future come into conflict in a very disruptive way.

Lane (Grace) can be seen sitting on the bed, while David (Will) can be seen in the background.
POV from my own perspective. The Atoms Shogun can one again be seen on the left side of the FS5.
The fearless Director, Kaylin working with our actors. Check out her blog

I look forward to sharing more updates with you next week!

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