A Week Late (11/30)

Hello again guys,

First off I want to apologize for the tardiness of this post. Last week, we began production on He’s Here, and it was a hectic period. We shot on both Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I guess I’ll give a brief summary of how those days went. 

On Friday, Kaylin and myself checked out all equipment we would need for shooting. Perhaps some of the most notable equipment in the selection we checked out is the Sony FS5 camera, the Atomos Shogun External Monitor, a v-mount batteries, a Lanparte Shoulder Rig, and then a quick release plate. These are especially useful, and you can the set up in the picture below. We did a few test shoots that day, and were able to work out some kinks.

FS5 on tripod with the Lanparte Shoulder Rig, and V-Mount battery pack mount

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early for our shoot location, where Lane, the girlfriend of Will, the main character, goes and talks to the Beth, Will’s mother. given that it was the first day of shooting, things were a little hectic, but we managed to get into a rhythm. There were some issues, but we managed to get some quality footage. Later that evening, we started to shoot in the Wright Center Studio, but we ended up spending quite a bit of time figuring out blocking. We ended up reshooting this scene the following evening, as we were scheduled to have that time free.

On Sunday, we filmed the third scene of the narrative in Flowers For You, a flower shop in Mt. Vernon. We got all of the footage that we needed, but however, we are thinking that we’ll need to go back to reshoot due to the fact that grass can be seen outside, and that the story is supposed to be taking place during winter. Additionally, on a day where we where are shooting with child actors, the forecast calls for snow, so we need to make sure there are no continuity errors.

That’s all for now. I look forward to posting tomorrow night.

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