It’s Almost Time (11/2)

Hey guys,

It’s time for another weekly update. Things are starting to ramp up, as production on our senior thesis begins at the end of this month! For the most part, I already have all of the gear that I’ll need for post-production (external hard drive, SDXC cards, etc.) and am finalizing the shot list and a few other things. Additionally, Kaylin and I will be meeting with Chris Ellsworth and Professors Gregory and Tazewell to look over the studio space, as we plan to build a dorm room or a bedroom for the scenes where it is just Will and David in the room. Below is a picture of the space taken in 2017 when the Wright Center first opened its doors. crop11317-84

In short, now is the time to finalize everything, so that when production starts on our thesis, we have everything figured out.

Otherwise, I’m still working on finding visual inspirations for Truck Down Lane. Given the fact that this film is a psychological thriller, I figured I would revisit one of my favorite psychological thrillers, David Fincher’s Fight Club. Now you may be curious as to why I chose to revisit Fight Club instead of choosing one of the many psychological thrillers out there. The answer is simple. In Fight Club, the unnamed Narrator suffers from insomnia and dissociative identity disorder, which results in his becoming partners with a shady character named Tyler Durden, who pushes the Narrator to do things that that Narrator himself never thought he was capable of. 


To sum it up, the role that Tyler Durden serves is very similar to David in Truck Down Lane. Both characters ultimately push their counterparts to act in irrational ways, while ultimately bringing about their demise.

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