Happy Hallo-weekend

Hey guys, it’s me again. I’m back to share that just yesterday, Kaylin and I had our first preproduction meeting with one of our professors. In the meeting, we discussed workshopping the story as well as where to find child actors for a scene in Truck Down Lane where Will and David are still children. After that meeting, I realized that I need to start working on the revised shot list and the storyboard. While these are not hard tasks, it’s crucial that I set aside ample amounts of time to think carefully about how to visual tell the story of Truck Down Lane. Additionally, I’m looking into how to build a set in the Wright Center Studio, which is where we’ll be filming any scene that takes place in Will’s bedroom. I’ve yet to hear back the Technical Director as he’ll be able to share the procedure of how one should go about building a set in the studio, but I’m sure I’ll hear back soon.

Otherwise, it’s been a busy week. This past Sunday, I was crewing on another film major’s shoot. While it was a successful shoot, working outside in the cold was a buzzkill of sorts, but that was all remedied with a quick stop to the bookstore to pick up some gloves.

Other than that, I’m currently looking at WD (Western Digital) external hard-drives, as their products are well-reviewed and are supposedly guaranteed to keep anything stored on it safe. This is exactly what I need when it comes time to start uploading footage to make sure it’s safe, and will be incredibly useful when it comes time to edit.

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