Here it is… (10/5)

I’m happy to inform you that Love, Death, and Change is now Truck Down Lane. My partner, Kaylin, has changed the title of our project in another draft of the screenplay. In other news, here are some screenshots of the Truck Down Lane shot list that I put together. Keep in mind that it’s a first draft, but it’s a great start. You’ll notice that some columns, specifically the lens    and day column, are blank. The reason for that is that I have yet to decide what type of lens to use in all of the shots, and I won’t fill out the day column until we cast actors/actresses, and figure out their availability. Until those one, or both, of those respective things happen, their corresponding columns will remain blank.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.39.08 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.42.21 PMAs for some of the acronyms under the Type of Shot, I’ll explain some of those. MCU is an acronym for Middle Close Up, which is a close up of the subject, but shows everything up to the subject’s mid-upper body. Another acronym is the MS, which is the Middle Shot. This shot shows the subject’s upperbody. WS/LS are acronyms for Wide Shot/Long Shot, which shows the subject’s entire body in the frame. CU is short for Close-Up, which is also known as a reaction shot. This shot is a close-up of the subject and allows for the viewer to really get in the character’s head. OTS is short for an Over-the-Shoulder shot, which is primarily used for when two characters are having a discussion. Finally, the abbreviation POV is short for a Point of View shot, which allows for the viewer to not only get into the subject’s head, but also is useful in seeing what the subject sees. I’ll see you next week with more updates.

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